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FCN Fast Channels Network
FCN Fast Channels Network

Rome, June 7th 2023 –We are happy to introduce Fast Channels Network – FCN, the first Italian player specialized in FAST, Free Ad-Supported Streaming Television, founded by experienced TV Professionals and a network of Investor Partners, leader in the Media & Entertainment industry

FCN is a channel publisher with an innovative international project that has attracted the interest of numerous operators and an Italian Venture Capital fund.

Fast Channels Network intends to be a supplier of consultancy services for publishers, rights holders and channel aggregators and proposes itself as a facilitator and partner for companies that want to position themselves in a rapidly growing market before it reaches future maturation.

The new player is composed by a network of consultants and investors, leading companies in the Media & Entertainment, production, post-production, communication, dubbing and technology markets.

FCN can support public and private entities, from the creation and validation of the business model, partners and contents scouting, strategy definition, distribution and technology selection, up to the management of operational services. With its network of international players, FCN is a business partner with a portfolio of over 100 Italian and international channels, available with traditional and revenue share model on the Italian and international market.

FAST market is the most promising evolution of streaming TV, with over $12Bn of estimated revenues in 2027 globally, of which $10Bn in the US and $2Bn in the rest of the world.

Over the next 5 years, Italy will reach the 5th place worldwide among non-English-speaking countries in terms of revenues, confirming the growing interest of publishers and distribution platforms for this business model, which has already involved leading companies all over the world.

Being an innovative offer in the media and content market, FCN is focused to the sustainability and profitability of each project, linked to some key factors, such as the ownership of the content or in any case a privileged supply chain, a wide and widespread distribution, the activation of innovative monetization models, not necessarily linked to advertising only.


Mauro Panella +39 334 6054047

Luisa Bortolotti +39 339 791 7969

FAST Channels Network (FCN) Srl - Viale Carso 57 – 00195 Rome, Italy



Graduated in Economics, she is the owner of an accountant firm in Rome and holds corporate positions in various companies operating in the real estate and shipbuilding sectors.

She was one of the founders of FIRST, a national network of tax and legal professionals. In 2023 she co-founded FCN – FAST Channels Network, the first Italian startup dedicated to FAST.


After 13 years in Fox, where he held the position of Vice President Broadcast & Programming Operations for Italy Germany & UK, he was Media Director for Engineering, which he left in April 2023 to create, together with two partners, FCN-FAST Channels Network, the first Italian startup dedicated to FAST.

Previously he worked in Globecast and in Toroc, starting his career in the Television industry in 1996 with the Arab Satellite platform Orbit Satellite TV where he managed the operations, and was responsible for the external productions of the JV with the ESPN channel.


I partner di FCN
I partner di FCN


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